Bryan Bridges | Hickory, NC Internship Program | Corning

Bryan Bridges

Bryan Bridges

Bryan Bridges

"It was really fun getting to use top-of-the-line equipment"

Before learning what he knows in mechanical engineering at school, Bryan enlisted in the U.S. Marines, serving as an Infantry Rifleman and doing three combat tours; two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. 

While interning at Corning Incorporated proved to be a change of pace, Bryan enjoyed his work during the summer of 2014.

“My favorite part of the internship was getting to operate very high-tech and expensive equipment,” said the UNC Charlotte student, who has entered the second year of a master’s program. “It was really fun getting to use top-of-the-line equipment.”

Bryan worked in the Metrology Lab for OCS Division Engineering in Hickory, N.C., designing a method to measure the location and diameter of the ferrule hole.

“The scope of the project included designing a fixture to mount a new type of probe onto our current Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) as well as to develop a measurement procedure to utilize this new technology,” said the Boiling Springs, N.C., native.

With one more year of school between him and the real world, Bryan thinks he knows what he wants to do.

“I envision myself working as an engineer for several years and then moving into engineering management,” he said.