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There’s Strength in Numbers

February 2013

Corning offers a diverse portfolio of products to address real-world problems. From protecting the world’s coolest electronic devices to aiding in drug discovery and enabling high-speed communications, Corning’s solutions are positively impacting everyday life. And, Corning has the numbers to back it up:

1.2 Billion Devices with Corning® Gorilla® Glass
Corning® Gorilla® Glass is the most widely deployed damage-resistant cover glass for consumer electronic devices – on more than 33 major brands, almost 1000 product models and 1.2 billion devices. Corning launched its third generation, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, in early 2013 at the Consumer Electronics Show. Gorilla Glass 3 offers enhanced scratch resistance, reduced scratch visibility, and better retained strength once a scratch occurs, all while maintaining the thinness needed for touch sensitivity. Looking to the future, Gorilla Glass offers the touch accuracy, screen protection, and design appeal needed for large-format applications such as interactive white boards, public signage, and television, all of which present great opportunities for future growth.

1.8 Billion Kilometers of Optical Fiber Installed Worldwide
In 1970, Corning scientists changed the way the world communicates when they invented the first low-loss optical fiber. Nearly forty years later, Corning offers fibers that maximize bend performance for interior environments, fibers that minimize signal loss for long-haul connections, and everything in-between. By adding optical connectivity and wireless solutions, Corning’s Telecommunications segment is driving the benefits of ultra high-bandwidth to provide innovative solutions at the “edge” of the network. That means making communications possible in more places and in more ways than ever before – from fixed and mobile broadband access in data centers, to fiber-to-the-home and wireless networks, and even in personal device interconnections, supporting today’s “always on” culture. The best news is that Corning’s proven capabilities enable continued innovation to handle the growing amounts of data people store, move, access and display, positioning Corning for significant growth.

1 Billion LCD TVs Sold Worldwide
Corning was the first to commercialize LCD glass substrates. Display glass has been, and continues to be for the foreseeable future, a critical portion of Corning’s revenues. Each of Corning’s display glasses: EAGLE XG® Slim, Corning Lotus™ Glass and Corning® Willow™ Glass are designed to meet the industry’s needs. There is increasing demand for thinner and lighter LCD TVs with larger screen sizes and the higher resolution that enables sophisticated new technologies such as Ultra-HD, Smart TV and 3D. Corning’s proprietary fusion process continues to help the industry meet those needs while allowing manufacturers to realize cost reductions through the use of larger Gen sizes measuring up to 100 square feet. With the time between consumer television upgrades shortening and exponential growth for high-performance tablets and smartphones, the LCD glass market is set for growth going forward.

1.5 Billion Vehicles with Corning’s Proven Clean-Air Products
Congress passed the Clean Air Act in 1970, aimed at reducing air pollution by decreasing auto emissions. Corning invented the technology that would enable auto makers to meet the new requirements – the cellular ceramic substrate. This technology set the standard for emissions control technology worldwide, and continues to be used today. In addition to the substrate, Corning also developed a cellular ceramic particulate filter to remove soot from diesel emissions. U.S. and European emissions regulations continue to tighten, and countries such as India and China are starting to implement regulations, offering a strong growth opportunity for Corning.

2 Billion Life Sciences Units Sold by Corning in 2012 Alone
Acquisitions and an ongoing R&D investment have enabled Corning to offer a more comprehensive range of premium, innovative laboratory products and solutions for a wide spectrum of life science applications. Corning’s Life Sciences business touches pharmaceuticals, academia, and more. It also reaches across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Its beginning-to-end solutions, its depth of products and brands, and its manufacturing footprint make this business well-suited to address emerging markets such as personalized healthcare treatments.