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Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and patient-derived biopsies can be used to generate prostate organoids. These 3D structures can be molecularly characterized and utilized to manipulate the expression of oncogenes.


Supporting Publications for Prostate Organoids

Supporting Publications for Prostate Organoids

Personalized Medicine: Emerging Organoid Models to Better Treat Prostate Cancer

Dr. Veronica Gil discusses how 3D cell culture is enabling scientists to develop and craft organ-specific tissues from stem cells to transform prostate cancer therapy.

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Identification of Multipotent Luminal Progenitor Cells

Although single human luminal and basal cells can give rise to prostate organoids, this study concluded that the luminal progenitors more closely resemble prostate gland ontogeny.

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Organoids Derived from Advanced Prostate Cancer

This study demonstrates a protocol to derive organoids from patients with advanced prostate cancer and may enable scale-up to a large repertoire of patient-derived prostate cancer lines amenable to genetic and pharmacologic studies.

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3D Models to Study Prostate Cancer

See how researchers developed a comprehensive panel of 3D models of prostate cancer to explore growth, invasion, and drug response.

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