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Corning Science & Technology Locations

Sullivan Park Science & Technology Center, Corning, NY

Corning formally established a research and development laboratory in 1908, when only a handful of companies were engaged in formal research and development. Sullivan Park is named after Dr. Eugene Sullivan – Corning’s first research director – who was responsible for organizing a multi-discipline research and development laboratory focused on material sciences.

At more than 2 million square feet, Sullivan Park is the central location for Corning’s research and development efforts which also includes a global network of smaller laboratories throughout Asia and Europe. It is also the company’s primary location for early stage research through product development efforts and houses several pilot plants to test production scale manufacturing and produce prototypes. 

Corning Research Center China, Shanghai, China

Corning Research Center China (CRCC) is strategically located in Shanghai, China at the center of the region’s emerging markets. CRCC focuses on providing technology support to all of Corning’s business units in China including the development of glass and ceramic products and processes, new optical components and products, and conducting R&D with the Chinese Academy of Science, leading universities and other partners.

Corning Reactor Technology Center, Changzhou, China

Corning Reactor Technology Center (CRTC) is located in Science and Education Town in the Changzhou, Jiangsu province of China and provides comprehensive technical and engineering solutions to support various applications of Corning® Advanced-Flow™ reactors (AFR) in the greater China region as well as Japan, and Korea.

CRTC is equipped with multiple process development platforms based on all scales of AFR technology. Corning’s well-educated team uses their experience with organic synthesis and chemical engineering to: demonstrate quick feasibility tests in CRTC labs or on customer sites, host customer visits as well as various levels of AFR trainings, hands-on workshops, product demonstrations, technical support and process development consultancies. In addition, CRTC has installed a fully automatic G4 production-demo system to let customers and visitors witness the values propositions of AFR technology during their visit.

Corning Research Center India, Pune, India

Corning Research Center India (CRCI) is positioned to address Corning’s opportunity in emerging markets like India. CRCI is focused on addressing regional needs for environmental technologies, telecommunications and life sciences businesses as well as joint research with Indian universities and participation in the Indo-US SERIIUS consortium.

Corning European Technology Center, Fontainebleau, France

Leveraging its European presence, unique competencies, and agile culture, Corning European Technology Center (CETC) provides best-in-class research, development and engineering support to regional businesses and contributes to Corning's global innovation and growth.

Corning Research Center Taiwan, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Corning Research Center Taiwan (CRCT ) is a regional innovation gateway to customers, universities and government institutions in Taiwan.  Located in the campus of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in HsinChu, Taiwan, CRCT has developed key competencies in TFT and display device fabrication, surface engineering, frit and glass roll-to-roll processing, cell and molecular biology, digital signal processing, and wireless communication.

Corning Advanced Technology Center, Taipei, Taiwan

Corning Advanced Technology Center (CATC) provides a technology and application engineering presence in the Asia region. The center supports business growth by providing technical expertise in glass properties and fundamentals which enables closer collaboration with customers on product developments and facilitates product adoption.

Corning Technology Center Korea, Asan, Korea

Corning’s Technology Center in Korea is the company’s ‘technology gateway to Korea’ -- providing technological solutions for current and future regional market opportunities within Corning’s business.

Corning Technology Center Poland, Stryków, Poland

The Corning Technology Center Poland (CTPL) in Strykow Campus is a manufacturing and technology center for fiber optic cables and connectivity solutions.

It serves EMEA market as well as global projects with technical expertise in optical products development, materials selection, and state of the art measurement systems implementation.

Corning Technology Center Montreal, Montreal, Canada

Corning Technology Center Montreal (CTCM) has been established and co-located with iBwave since 2015, leveraging a team of highly skilled software engineers and scientists to support and enhance Corning’s continued innovation efforts.

Its mission is to turn software into a core capability leveraging leading edge software expertise such as UX/UI design, mixed reality (AR/VR), advanced analytics, machine learning, and cloud computing. CTCM aims to deliver innovative industrial-grade software solutions through rigorous solution architecture and product management principles.

Corning Scientific Center, Helsinki, Finland

Corning Scientific Center (CSC) works closely with experimentalist partners around the globe to apply modeling capabilities to increase the pace of Corning’s innovation. CSC members work with every business and across Research, Development, Engineering, and commercial technology. CSC functions as an integral part of the global Modeling and Computing Technologies community.

Corning Life Sciences Locations

Corning Life Science Product Development, Kennebunk, Maine

A multidisciplinary  team of engineers and scientists with diverse competencies collaborate with business and commercial operations to rapidly identify and develop industry leading solutions to address evolving customer needs. These solutions lead to innovative new products, with focus on the areas of bioprocess, growing cells, and moving liquids to enable customers to efficiently grow and scale-up cells, and increase productivity.

Corning Life Sciences Asia Technology Center, Shanghai, China

Scientists at the center work with customers from across Asia to help them develop life-changing innovations for the life science industry. Areas of focus range from new product development to customer process optimization and supporting the region’s significant growth in applications such as vaccines and cell therapy.

Corning Display Technologies Location

Asia Analytical Laboratories (Beijing Analytical Laboratory, Taichung Analytical Laboratory, Corning Technology Center)

Corning Display Technologies has a network of analytical laboratories in China, Taiwan and Japan that deliver analytical solutions, characterization, fundamental understanding, customer service, and technical guidance for manufacturing excellence in Display Technologies plants. 

Corning Optical Communications Locations

Corning Optical Connectivity Labs, Keller, Texas

The Keller location is a manufacturing and technical center for optical connectivity products.  A supply chain center of excellence, the plant provides low-cost automation, tight tolerance molding, turning, and speed-to-market for new products/processes, as well as unmatched delivery on 24-hour product shipments.

Corning Optical Communications Technology Center, Berlin, Germany

Corning Optical Communications Technology Center (CTCB) is focused on addressing the needs of Corning Optical Communications and other Corning businesses in the EMEA market, as well as development of innovative solutions, solving customer challenges and utilizing the latest technologies with collaboration and partnership.

Corning Cable and Connectivity Labs, Hickory, NC

The Hickory Manufacturing Technology Center (HMTC) is positioned to address Corning’s growing opportunity in the optical communications market. HMTC is focused on addressing market needs for data centers, FTTx, and other applications with innovative capabilities in both fiber optic cabling and connectivity.