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Employee Resource Groups



These Employee Resource Group operate globally to develop and support female employees at Corning.

Women’s Partnership for Growth (CWPG)

CWPG represents female employees at Corning. They champion an environment in which all professional women have an opportunity to achieve their full career potential by encouraging self-development, leadership skills, and outreach through an open forum. The group is dedicated to attracting and retaining women to Corning, and providing opportunities for professional development, networking, and exposure.

Technology Community Women’s Network (TCWN)

This group is dedicated to empowering the women in the technology community in Corning, New York. They work to empower women in technology to achieve their full potential while contributing to the company and the community. They organize and sponsor events and activities to help their members develop skills to be successful and to build strong workplace relationships.

Interesting Fact

CWPG has grown to be Corning’s largest and most global ERG, with nearly 1,800 members in more than 28 global chapter locations.