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Corning Taiwan Plants Achieve Safety Milestones

Corning Taiwan Plants Achieve Safety Milestones

April 30, 2018

TAICHUNG and TAINAN, Taiwan – Corning Taiwan's 4,000 employees at Display Technologies' Taichung and Tainan plants recently set a new safety record, working a total of 25 million hours and 10 million hours respectively without experiencing a lost workday case.

That means the two glass substrate manufacturing sites in Taiwan have long track records without any work-related injuries resulting in time off the job. These safety milestones date back to December 2012 for Taichung and to September 2014 for Tainan.

"This achievement cannot be made without the commitment of all Taichung plant employees," said Tony Chen, Taichung plant manager.

To achieve their safety records, both plants set up goals at the start of the year. Then they communicate safety guidelines whenever possible and execute safety rules comprehensively across all positions.

"I appreciate all functional teams' joint effort in creating a safe and healthy workplace. We'll continue to encourage the safety culture and aim at a zero-loss workday case in the Tainan plant," said Ian Su, Tainan plant manager.