Visit Corning at AACR 2018 to see the latest solutions for cancer research, 3D cell culture, and drug discovery in exhibit 1842. Featured solutions will include:

  • 3D cell culture (including Organoids) for cancer research
  • Automated 3D solutions
  • Drug screening (including ADME/Tox)
  • Cell culture products for cancer research
  • Sample cooling and freezing
  • Automated cell counting

Corning Tutorial Event at AACR 2018

About our Speakers

Tessa DesRochers, Ph.D.

Dr. DesRochers is the Chief Scientific Officer of KIYATEC Inc., a predictive cancer diagnostics company pioneering methods to accurately predict individual cancer patients’ response to drugs through translational application of advanced 3D cell culture technology. She has over a decade of experience combining biology and engineering to develop 3D models of human tissue, including skin, kidney and numerous solid tumor models with applications in the areas of toxicology, disease modeling, drug response, and infectious disease. Dr. DesRochers holds a doctorate from Tufts University’s Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences in cell, molecular, and developmental biology.

Hilary Sherman

Hilary Sherman is an Applications Scientist in the Corning Life Sciences lab located in Kennebunk, ME. Hilary has been with Corning since 2005 and has worked with a wide variety of cell types including mammalian, insect, primary, and stem cells in a vast array of applications. Her key roles at Corning involve creating technical documents such as protocols and applications notes, as well as providing technical support and training for both the Corning sales force and customers. Hilary received her B.S. degree in Biology from the University of New Hampshire in 2005.

Lynsey Willetts, Ph.D.

Dr. Lynsey Willetts joined Corning Life Sciences in 2005. She is the Business Director for the Corning Cell Culture portfolio, which includes core cell culture consumables and products for 3D culture such as Corning® Matrigel® matrix, Transwells®, and spheroid microplates.


Featured topics at AACR 2018

Featured topics at AACR 2018

Learn more about recently published work with novel 3D models using spheroids and microcavity technology.

Scientific Poster: A Novel Three Dimensional Glioma Blood Brain Barrier Model for High Throughput Testing of Tumoricidal Capability

Scientific Poster: Combination of Ultra-Low Attachment Spheroid Microplates with a Tissue Clearing Technique for Easy-to-Use 3D Cell Culturing and True 3D Characterization

Scientific Poster: 3D High Content Screening of Liver Spheroids

Scientific Poster: Bulk Production of Cell Aggregates in Microcavity Vessels and Dispensing to Corning® Microplates for High Throughput Screening


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Featured Solutions at AACR 2018