Corning Launches Ultra-Low TTV Glass Carrier Wafers, Enabling Faster, Smarter Consumer Electronics

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Corning Launches Ultra-Low TTV Glass Carrier Wafers, Enabling Faster, Smarter Consumer Electronics
Corning Launches Ultra-Low TTV Glass Carrier Wafers, Enabling Faster, Smarter Consumer Electronics
Corning, N.Y. | CORNING INCORPORATED | May 31, 2022

Corning Incorporated today announced the launch of its new Ultra-Low TTV Glass Carrier Wafers, which enable advanced semiconductor manufacturing as well as applications for 5G connectivity. The launch builds on the company’s existing portfolio that supports these rapidly growing markets.  

Corning will debut the new glass wafers at the 2022 Electronic Components and Technology Conference in San Diego.

“Corning continues to support and advance the semiconductor industry with the launch of this new product,” said Michael Mueller, business director, Precision Glass Solutions. “The need for this type of technology supports the production of faster, smarter consumer electronics.”

The wafers have one of the lowest total thickness variations (TTV) currently available (< 0.2µm) in the market. The ultra-low TTV is critical for manufacturing more advanced semiconductor chips, allowing for better process control and support during temporary bonding and wafer-thinning processes used in the stacking and packaging of integrated circuits (ICs). As ICs are packaged, achieving total stack TTV of less than10µm is ideal in enabling thinner device wafers.

Thinning processes are also used to improve performance of radio frequency (RF) filters used in 5G devices. More filters are needed for this type of connectivity, and the use of these wafers enables higher filter frequency and can also lower the total cost.

Corning’s Carrier Solutions product line provides high precision glass carriers for temporary bonding in advanced semiconductor packaging processes, such as silicon wafer thinning and fan-out level processing. Corning's glass carriers are available in a wide range of CTEs to meet customers’ most challenging requirements – from the research and development phase to mass production.


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