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Innovations in Antimicrobial and Antiviral Coatings

PCI Magazine  |  July 2022
Paint & Coatings Industry (PCI) magazine recently interviewed Avantika Golas, Commercial Technology Manager, Corning® Guardiant®, to learn about the latest antimicrobial/antiviral coatings innovations, how these products are tested, and how long they are effective.

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Paint antimicrobial capabilities offers new defense

Colorado Real Estate Journal  |  July 2022
Corning® Guardiant® Product Line Manager, Ryan Bottini, discussed the antimicrobial properties of paint in the July edition of the Journal, including its wide range of applications, effectiveness against a broad spectrum of viruses and bacteria, and an analysis of the importance of copper as the additive’s active ingredient.

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Corning® Guardiant® Praised As R&D Innovation

R&D World  |  June 29, 2022
R&D World named Corning® Guardiant® the "R&D 100 winner of the day" for June 29, 2022, citing "Corning’s expertise in glass ceramic technology, [that allows] copper, a well-known antimicrobial, to be incorporated into a variety of materials. These materials then adopt the antimicrobial properties of copper, consistently reducing germs on contact."

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Corning® Guardiant®: Painting for peace of mind

May 2022
Paint with Corning® Guardiant® has astounding virus-killing properties–and it’s something you can buy on your Saturday morning errands.

At first glance it’s another high-quality paint. It can be applied like any other paint and comes in more than 2,000 colors to help personalize an interior space. But something radically different will be happening at the microscopic level.

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Disrupting the Paint Industry with Valued Partners

February 2022
Why is a glass company working on a product for paint? Interestingly, glass is the key ingredient that unlocks the antimicrobial power of copper. Corning scientists created Guardiant by inventing a glass composition that traps copper ions inside a glass matrix and keeps the most effective form of copper readily available for reducing harmful bacteria and viruses. But it was crucial that Guardiant was tested by knowledgeable industry partners to help ensure that it will meet all the expected requirements for an application.

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PPG Receives EPA Registration for COPPER ARMOR™ Paint Powered by Corning® Guardiant®

October 2021
Corning® Guardiant® technology is one step closer to commercial availability for consumers in the United States. One of Corning’s crystalizing customers, PPG, recently announced the successful United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) product registration of their PPG COPPER ARMOR™ paint, powered by Corning’s antimicrobial technology. 

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Corning® Guardiant® Named Most Innovative Product of the Year at the Best in Biz Awards

September 2021
Corning® Guardiant® was named one of the most innovative products of the year by Best in Biz Awards 2021 International. The breakthrough antimicrobial surface technology received the gold award in the healthcare and medical category.

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Corning® Guardiant® Wins Gold at Edison Awards

May 2021
Corning® Guardiant® antimicrobial particles earned new accolades when the breakthrough technology took home a gold in the 2021 Edison Awards. The awards, named after inventor Thomas Edison, honor some of the most innovative products around the globe, recognizing excellence in product and service development, marketing, design, and innovation. Guardiant received the top prize in the Engineering & Materials Science: Primers, Coatings & Dyes category.

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