Company Statement on Russia Operations | Corning

At Corning, we are a united community made up of many different nationalities. We strive to provide a safe environment for our employees. And, we always take purposeful actions aligned with our core values. To that end, we continue to assess and update our company position on the invasion of Ukraine. The actions we’ve taken to-date include:

  • Suspending sales into Russia since March 16, 2022, with a consideration to make very limited exemptions for life-saving products such as those that further COVID-19 diagnostics or cancer research.
  • Restricting access to Corning’s research center and sales office in Russia as we begin the process of temporarily closing both facilities.
  • Offering to safely relocate approximately 60 remaining employees in country.
  • Ceasing further investments in Russia.
  • Providing, through the Corning Incorporated Foundation, financial support to the humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine and surrounding countries.

We will adapt as necessary to support our people, their safety, and their well-being.