Corning Announces New Corning® LSE™ Compact Centrifuge

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Corning Announces New Corning® LSE™ Compact Centrifuge

Corning Announces New Corning® LSE™ Compact Centri

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Corning Announces New Corning® LSE™ Compact Centrifuge
Corning Announces New Corning® LSE™ Compact Centrifuge
CORNING, N.Y. | Corning Incorporated | 2011年7月18日
Extension to Corning LSE product line saves space and allows for broader spectrum of research applications

Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today announced the new Corning LSE compact centrifuge for use in a variety of industrial and clinical applications, including sedimentation of urine and blood samples. The new model uses minimal benchtop space, offers variable speeds, and accommodates both 15mL and 50mL centrifuge tubes, blood tubes, and microcentrifuge tubes.  The product enables researchers to use one centrifuge for multiple applications as needed.    

“Time, laboratory space and resources are limited, and today’s researchers are trying to do more with less without sacrificing quality,” said Robb D’Amore, director channel, brand, and marketing, Corning Life Sciences. “Our new compact centrifuge is the ideal extension to our existing line of LSE centrifuges, providing the added flexibility for researchers who need to perform a wide spectrum of general purpose applications. The introduction of this product demonstrates Corning’s commitment to expanding our LSE line of laboratory instrumentation

The Corning LSE compact centrifuge is complementary to Corning’s existing centrifuge products and is currently available in a small 28 x 37 x 26cm footprint. The centrifuge has three angle rotors that are each sold separately. The 15 mL rotor has a capacity for 12 round and conical bottom tubes, the 50 mL rotor holds six round and conical bottom tubes, and the third angle rotor accepts 18 x 1.5/2.0 mL microcentrifuge tubes. The LSE compact centrifuge will also accommodate a swing-out rotor for 6 x 5 mL tubes. 

Additional Features:

  • Large digital display control panel and a convenient turn knob for setting parameter values
  • Speed range from 200 rpm to 6,000 rpm with ten levels of acceleration and deceleration
  • Electronic lid lock system, overspeed protection, and an automatic shut off imbalance- detection system
  • Cold-room compatible

Corning Life Sciences continually brings new and innovative laboratory technologies to researchers worldwide and helps customers succeed by providing innovative, high-quality products and services in the areas of polymer science, biochemistry and molecular biology, laboratory glass fabrication, surface modification, and characterization science.

The new Corning LSE compact centrifuge is available now. To learn more about the compact centrifuge or to order any Corning Life Sciences products, please contact a customer service representative at 1-800-492-1110, toll free in the United States, (+1) 1-978-442-2200 internationally, or visit

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