See The Light Training Programs

Corning is committed to educating customers by providing quality real-world fiber optic training on the latest products and applications

See the Light® Training Program

See the Light® Training Program

We are committed to educating our customers, providing quality real-world fiber optic training on the latest products and applications, ensuring you will always receive the most up-to-date and industry specific knowledge. Because of this commitment, we are recognized by these top industry training certification organizations.

Fiber Optic Instructor Resources

If you're a fiber optic instructor and are interested in continuing education opportunities and/or class materials for your fiber optic lab, check out our Fiber IQ® program.


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See the Light® Webinars


"The webinar was a really good refresher for myself and a couple of my staff members that watched with me. Thank you for the outstanding webinar and please keep them coming." — Thomas Gentile | Associate Director for Communications, Information Technology Services Division

"Very informative webinar. Great job, as always, by Corning." — Terry Callahan | Project Manager 

See the Light® Seminars


"I have no complaints. Received helpful information, in an easy to follow presentation, to expand my working knowledge of Fiber installations, splicing, and connections." — Scott Logan | City of Gainesville | Installation Technician

"It was a great presentation and Corning was well represented. I am continually impressed by the information put forth in these classes/seminars. It has strengthened our relationship with Corning through a better understanding of the products and services available." — Dave Taylor

See the Light® Certified Training


"I found the class very informative. Staff was extremely knowledgeable and in-tune with current field issues and experiences." — Wesley Sells | System Tech Inc. | Field Manager

"The instructor’s enthusiasm and training approach is the best I have experienced in all training I have taken with Corning." — John Nance | World Fiber Technologies | Director of Technical Service

"Using the latest test equipment made the course very relevant." — Jon Boergers | APCI Communications | Technician

"[I] always bring back something from this class." — Chris Gray | Pro-Tel | Technician

"I’ve [now] been taught the proper way to test and reference… more comfortable with different connectors and technical lingo and its definitions. Good class!" — Bryan Bozzoli | Advanced Connections, Inc. | Crew Chief

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