Network Design Services

Ask For Field Engineering
Corning Optical Communications Field Engineering Services consultant program offers our customers on-site assistance ranging from proposal design through project completion, at any phase of a project. These services include network design and site survey; on-site technical assistance; splicing, termination, and testing services; and troubleshooting and emergency restoration.

Network Design and Site Survey
An experienced proposal engineer visits the site to discuss communication requirements and to inspect the available optical fiber cable routes. Well-versed in the requirements of voice, data, and video communications set forth by recognized industry standards associations (many of which Corning Optical Communications participates in), our knowledge of networking requirements, coupled with our installation experience, ensures a superior, cost-effective design. Our formal response to the customer includes recommendations on optical cables and hardware, connectivity, physical cable routing, potential installation trouble spots, as well as splicing, termination, and testing needs.

On-Site Technical Assistance
Corning Optical Communications on-site technical assistance for optical fiber cable installations includes the use of cable placement techniques that ensure optimum system performance. Our field engineers advise and assist installation personnel during the actual splicing, termination, and testing operations. Recommendations are made to help increase efficiency, productivity, and overall system quality. In addition to the security of our expertise on-site, we offer an extra dividend. When Corning Optical Communications provides on-site installation or technical assistance, our standard product warranty increases from one year to two years.

Splicing, Termination, and Testing
Corning Optical Communications provides an installation crew to perform fiber optic splicing, termination, and testing services on multimode and single-mode cables no matter who initially installed the cables. Our expert engineers and technicians use state-of-the-art Corning Optical Communications equipment and field-proven procedures to ensure the highest quality installation possible. We fully test all work according to recognized industry test procedures and provide documentation that includes the splice and termination plan, splice losses, connector losses, optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) traces (as needed), and end-to-end insertion loss test results.

Troubleshooting and Restoration
A Corning Optical Communications restoration crew is dispatched to the site to determine the reason for cable plant failure and the location of the fault, and to perform the required restoration services. Fiber optic engineers and technicians restore the system in the shortest possible time, using Corning Optical Communications equipment and assisting in the procurement of any materials needed for restoration. The restored system is fully tested and documented to ensure proper operation. This service can be provided on a maintenance contract basis with an established response time, or on an as-required / as-available basis.

To accommodate specific customer requirements, all of our bids are submitted on a time-and-materials, unit-work, or fixed-price basis. References are also available upon request. For Information call (800) 743-2671 (U.S. & Canada), or (828) 901-5000 (International), and ask for Field Engineering.