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Do you make any cleaning tools for field installed connectors?

Corning recommends cleaning the UniCam® Connector end face after termination, but before installation into the adapter, using either an alcohol wipe or an IBC port cleaner, part number CLEANER-PORT-2.5 for SC and ST® Compatible Adapters and CLEANER-PORT-LC for LC adapters.

Corning recommends cleaning adapters as well, using part numbers CLEAN-STICKS-250 for SC and ST Compatible connectors and CLEAN-STICKS-125 for LC connectors.

Вопросы и ответы Сведения о конфигурации
Do I need to clean my UniCam Connector end face?
Corning Optical Communications recommends cleaning all connectors prior to testing or insertion into an adapter. The UniCam Connector is manufactured in a clean room environment with the strictest care taken to keep the connector end face clean. However, once the connector leaves the factory, Corning has no control over connector cleanliness and therefore, recommends that it be cleaned prior to testing.​