Broadband Solutions

Corning is a leader in the development and engineering of coaxial connectors and related products for CATV and broadband communications systems.

Reliable Solutions for Your Broadband Network

Broadband Network Solutions

Drop Products

Meeting Your Stringent Installation Requirements

Our comprehensive line of drop connectors and accessories for cable television and broadband communications systems addresses two important elements: stringent installation requirements and your organization’s bottom line. From physical barriers around installation sites to adverse weather conditions, we understand the challenges installers face in the field. That is why our products are built with features that enable fast and easy installation, such as compression connectors requiring a low activation force. Many of our drop connectors are also weather-resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors to reduce the need to stock multiple designs.

Trunk and Distribution Products

Long-Term Reliability for Your Broadband System

Along with a full line of quality coaxial connectors, we also offer the innovative trunk and distribution products that have become standard in cable television and broadband communications systems across the globe. From pin-type connectors, splices to cable terminators, and housing-to-housing adapters, our products are engineered and manufactured with proven reliability and integrity.

Product Spotlight

EFC Connector Offers Installation Ease, Superior Performance

EFC Connectors

Our EFC connector helps installers with a simple installation while also providing the ultimate in product performance. The connector uses grounding control technology, which protects from the performance issues sometimes seen when a subscriber moves or changes out equipment and does not reconnect the interface properly. The grounding feature provides protection even when the coupling nut is only partially threaded to the mating connector.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, the EFC connector features one-step cable preparation and uses commonly available compression tools. Click below to learn more about how our EFC connector can improve the performance of your broadband or CATV network.

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