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Science of Glass

Science of Glass

Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging

Introducing Corning Valor™ Glass - a 21st century glass container to protect 21st century drugs

Since 1915, when Corning first introduced PYREX® glass labware products for drug discovery, we have equipped life sciences researchers with the tools, technologies, and innovations to develop new, more effective treatments for diseases all around the world. In fact, our early labware products helped enable the production and distribution of world-changing medicines such as penicillin and the polio vaccine.

With a commitment to the medical industry as well as continuing to develop life-changing innovations in the Glass Age, Corning has entered the pharmaceutical technologies industry with Corning Valor™ Glass – a revolutionary pharmaceutical glass package which will enhance the storage and delivery of drugs, providing more reliable access to medicines essential to public health. Valor™ and the Glass Age will be coming to a doctor’s office, hospital and other healthcare environments near you soon!

For more information on how Corning Valor™ Glass resists damage and breakage, reduces glass particulate generation, and enables smoother line operations, visit the Valor™ Glass page.