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Corning Services GmbH

Corning Services GmbH, part of Corning Optical Communications, comes with over 25 years´ experience of delivery and installation of complete telecommunication networks for owners and operators of critical infrastructures as well as for public and private network operators.
Besides engineering, delivery, setting up and servicing of Next Generation Access, Transport and IMS/Softswitch Networks, Corning Services offers a broad spectrum of services and managed services up to operational management.

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Corning Services GmbH
Ahrensburger Str. 8
30659 Hannover, Germany
Office: +49 511 740192 0



With Anti FRAUD, Anti DDoS, Topology Hiding, encryption on all network layers and Anomaly Detection, especially for the operators of critical infrastructures, Corning Services offers comprehensive cyber security solutions to protect your network infrastructures.

We build IP/MPLS & MPLS-TP Carrier Ethernet networks, offer high performance Ethernet in the 1st Mile solutions, 400 Gbit/s WDM and MSAN/FTTx systems with vectoring and GPON support. In the area of Softswitch/IMS and Session Border Controller technologies, we offer turnkey solutions with many years of market-leading experience. Add-on products such as Provisioning & Selfcare, Cloud PBX, Unified Messaging and cross-network solutions for emergency call regulations in Germany round off the portfolio. When selecting systems, we cooperate with the world`s leading system manufacturers in the industry.

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Financial Aspects

Reduce your financial expenditure for network operation and strengthen your market position with the help and know-how of our employees. Network operators who have chosen our NOC (Network Operation Center) services particularly appreciate the advantages in resource planning; the cost savings for multi-shift operation, the higher quality of service due to constant availability and the additional expert knowledge available.

We build your communication networks onshore and offshore with

- Takeover of all existing TDM & Ethernet services
- Ensuring IT security in the process control network
- 24/7 single point of contact
- Monitoring your networks
- Coordination and control of fault clearance measures
- Ticket tracking and escalation management