Visit Corning at ISSCR 2016

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ISSCR 2016

ISSCR 2016

ISSCR 2016

Life Sciences
Visit Corning at ISSCR 2016
Visit Corning at ISSCR 2016
Join Corning at ISSCR 2016
2016년 6월 22일| 09:00 오전 PST - 2016년 6월 25일| 05:00 오후 PST
Moscone West
San Francisco , California , United States
부스: 1619

Stem cells show great promise in cellular therapy research and regenerative medicine, but it's critical to efficiently drive stem cell differentiation and scale-up to ensure success.

Whether you are working with mesenchymal, pluripotent, neural, or hematopoietic stem cells, you can rely on Corning to help you create an optimal environment. With enabling solutions such as advanced animal-free synthetic surfaces, scalable vessels, microcarriers, and defined media solutions, Corning can seamlessly support small scale culturing to full scale production.

Corning offers products that are manufactured under cGMP to reduce risk and provide a clear path to scale-up.

Contact us to request an appointment with a Corning representative at ISSCR.

Join us at our Innovation Showcase

Stem Cell Culture, Differentiation and Scale-up – Novel Technologies Enabling Research and Cell Processing Applications

Location: Level 2, Rooms 2014/2016/2018

Date: Friday, June 24th from 11:30am-12:30pm

A critical component for basic and clinical research are stem cells that maintain an undifferentiated phenotype during expansion followed by differentiation to specific cell types.  In this session we will discuss robust, easy to use, reproducible, scalable systems, including feeder-free and novel animal-free platforms for pluripotent and adult stem cell expansion and differentiation, including Matrigel Matrix, pre-coated recombinant Laminin521, Fibronectin/ Collagen-I / Vitronectin peptide mimetic cultureware, hMSC expansion media, scalable vessel platforms and closed systems.


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