Webinar: Corning® HepatoCells: A Novel Cell-Based Model for In Vitro ADME/Tox Studies

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Life Sciences
Webinar: Corning® HepatoCells: A Novel Cell-Based Model for In Vitro ADME/Tox Studies
Corning® HepatoCells Webinar
Corning® HepatoCells Webinar
2015년 9월 30일| 12:00 오후 EST - 01:00 오후 EST

Primary human hepatocytes (PHHs) and other hepatic cell models possess several limitations. For instance, PHH’s large lot-to-lot variation requires qualification tests with each lot, resulting in high costs and increased lead time. Furthermore, other non-primary hepatic cells can have insufficient fold induction in some lots and conditions.

This presentation will introduce Corning HepatoCells for ADME/Tox studies. Derived from primary human hepatocytes, Corning HepatoCells are a renewable, hepatocyte-like cell line that retains most of the physiological properties of their parental hepatocytes such as mature hepatocyte-like morphology and induction response to prototypical inducers of CYP3A4, 1A2, and 2B6. Characterization of Corning HepatoCells for ADME/Tox studies will be presented, along with data demonstrating how the model system can be used for prediction of clinical CYP induction.

Presenter Info:

Dr. Rongjun Zuo is currently a Senior Development Scientist in the Corning Life Sciences ADME group. She has more than 7 years experience developing cell-based assays for in vitro ADME study including metabolic stability, drug-drug interactions, and transporter assays, with a focus on hepatocyte product applications. Dr. Zuo obtained her Ph.D. degree from University of Connecticut working on the molecular biology of bacteria biofilm. She obtained her post-doc training at the Center for Engineering in Medicine affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital, the Harvard Medical School, working on liver tissue engineering.

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