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community service

Community Service

Community Service

A Summer of STEM

A Summer of STEM

​The Technology Community's Office of STEM was established in 2010 to help Corning's Technology Community more effectively understand and assess needs, and utilize resources pertaining to science and engineering education and support.  During the summer of 2017, the Office of STEM hosted, sponsored and participated in several STEM programs. Details on these initiatives are listed below.

Vuja De – "A fresh look at STEM" (Synergistic Talent and Employee Management)

The office of STEM's 'Summer of STEM' kicked off with morning meeting presentation by Dr. Mark Vaughn, manager for technical talent pipelining and lead for Corning's Office of STEM and Dr. Steve Pilgrim, professor of Material Science and Engineering at Alfred University. The session titled, "Vuja De – A fresh look at STEM" highlighted Dr. Pilgrim's work while on sabbatical with the Office of STEM during the first half of 2017 which focused on time and money saving ways to earn STEM degrees at area colleges and universities.

Ellen, university collaborations manager, was excited by the event:

"It was packed with attendees from local educational institutions, community advocates, and students in addition to members of our technology community which makes it clear that STEM education is a regional priority."


High School Summer Researchers Program

For the last 20 years, in support of the enhancement of the early stage STEM talent pipeline, eachsummer, sponsored by the Office of STEM for the last five years, Dr. Mark Vaughn has witnessed the same impact on students year over year that are a part of this program, "The high school researchers almost always report that the experience helped confirm for them that pursuing a STEM college and career pathway is the right move," Mark said.

Jay, a Corning employee, mentors two of the high school researchers every summer and is always impressed by how talented the students are joked that, "they're so good that they make me wonder about my own job security!"

Applications for this program are accepted each year from mid-January until the end of March. 

Greater Southern Tier Region's Summer STEM Academy

In July, the Office of STEM sponsored the fourth annual Greater Southern Tier Region's Summer STEM Academy at Corning Community College (CCC). This event is a one-day conference focused on the sustainable, high fidelity advancement of STEM education and programming. This year, the conference included attendees from 15 different area school districts as well as area colleges, universities and local business and industry partners. During the event welcome, Dr. Katherine Douglas, president of CCC, noted that, "A STEM capable workforce is critical to our region."

Mark Vaughn also spoke at the event and highlighted its reach within the region.  "Since the regional STEM program now reaches more than 25,000 K-12 students in 19 school districts in the greater southern tier, the families of Corning employees are being directly and positively impacted by the program," Mark said.

Technician Pipeline Program Summer Symposium & Poster Session

Since its launch in 2008, the Technician Pipeline Program (TPP) has added 30 new technicians to Corning's R&D organization in Corning, NY. Each year, members of the TPP cohort that have completed their first year in the program give oral technical presentations during this symposium. Afterwards they, along with dozens of TPP alumni, present technical posters on current projects they are working on. 

TPP alumnus, Evan, presented at the event for the last two years and said the following on the symposium:


"This program provides a great opportunity for technicians to showcase their work to colleagues, leadership and members of the S&T community."

Mark Vaughn receives STEM Leadership Award

Earlier in the summer, Dr. Mark Vaughn received the Margaret Ashida STEM Leadership Award from the New York State STEM Education Collaborative which is a statewide coalition of professional STEM organizations working collectively and collaboratively to deliver STEM Education in the spirit and vision of New York State's MST (Math-Science-Technology) frameworks and learning standards.

The Collaborative presents this annual award to honor persons who are making significant STEM connections within their community through their time, actions, talents and dedication. The honorees selected also serve as role models for STEM Leadership as they are striving to enhance the STEM workforce through their connections between business/industry and STEM educational leaders.

Mark was honored to receive the award, stating that:

"Margaret was the original 'STEMstigator' and to be recognized by leaders across New York State for carrying on the work that was her life's passion is a singular honor to say the least."

- Dr. Mark Vaughn