A New Era of Elevator Culture

Elevator Culture is Changing. Elevators Should Too.

The world around us is changing pretty rapidly. Our global society is instituting guidelines intended to keep us all safe and healthy in public spaces. Those guidelines include face coverings, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures, and social distancing practices. Avoiding crowded areas is the new normal.

But in many of the public buildings we’re returning to, there’s one unavoidable enclosed space: elevators.

When we picture an elevator in our minds, many of us see a busy, crowded, enclosed space tightly packed with people headed to their destinations. This may have been the elevator reality of yesterday, but vertical transportation is not immune to the changes being implemented in public spaces. Today, building managers in urban office and apartment buildings are faced with a new challenge: how to get thousands of people to their desks and homes every day with as little risk as possible.

We’re entering a new era of elevator culture with passenger limits, required face coverings, additional sanitizing stations, and even talking restrictions to minimize disease transmission through droplets. But we can do more to improve the elevator experience than simply following these guidelines. It’s time to rethink elevator technology and aesthetics with Corning® Gorilla® Glass for Interior Architecture.

Gorilla Glass for Interior Architecture provides a smooth, non-porous surface that is easy to clean and withstands common cleaning chemicals. This enables maintenance crews to easily keep up with more frequent cleaning and disinfecting procedures. Gorilla Glass is also a smart surface that enables the integration of technology. Builders and designers could include digital displays into the interior walls of the elevator, another potential medium to surface return to work updates and other announcements, keeping elevator passengers safe and informed.

With Gorilla Glass panels for elevator interiors, quiet and contactless elevator rides don’t have to be boring. Gorilla Glass enables design freedom and elegant aesthetics, creating a welcoming environment for those anxious about returning to the workplace. Additionally, Gorilla Glass is a thin, lightweight material that adds only minimal weight to elevator construction. This tough, durable glass is also proven to withstand the bumps and scrapes that commonly occur in elevator interiors.

Corning Gorilla Glass for Interior Architecture meets elevator weight limitations, delivers impact resistant surfaces, and provides benefits that support a safe and comfortable elevator experience.

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