Governor Cuomo Calls Corning a Model for Economic Improvement | Valor Glass Job Creation | Corning

N.Y. leaders look at Corning as model for how to improve state, U.S. economy

Corning seen as model for how to improve economy

Company hosts Gov. Cuomo, state agency investing in Valor Glass job creation

New York’s governor said one thing clearly creates jobs and stimulates the economy: companies that know how to evolve in order to capture new opportunity.

“There is no better model for that than Corning,” Andrew Cuomo told a packed hall of employees, media, and visiting officials gathered at Sullivan Park Wednesday for a special announcement.

Trying to recreate what worked in the past won’t solve today’s economic woes, he said – in upstate New York or across the nation.

“It’s not about yesterday. It’s about tomorrow,” Cuomo said. “And there is no better example of creating tomorrow’s economy and tomorrow’s jobs – and a better quality of life for people with the products you make – than Corning.”

The governor was visiting to announce an investment in Corning Valor® Glass that will create 185 new jobs and support more than 380 jobs overall in the Southern Tier of New York. The new jobs will be located at the Corning Innovation Support Center (CISC) in Big Flats and at Sullivan Park.

Cuomo shares his enthusiasm for the economic opportunity Valor Glass will provide

Cuomo was enthusiastic about Corning’s new product.

“It is a heck of an invention. I believe it is going to be transformative in the medical space. I believe it’s going to be transformative across the board,” he said.

“It is what Corning does and what makes Corning special and why Corning defies the odds – the ability to change and the ability to grow… to evolve.”

Investing to support that growth, Empire State Development, New York State’s chief economic development agency, is awarding Corning incentives in the form of a $6 million capital grant to purchase manufacturing equipment and make infrastructure improvements; and tax credits through the Excelsior program.

The announcement framed the theme of Wednesday’s event and the goal of New York’s investment: moving the economy forward. In New York State, Cuomo said, the upstate region, like much of the United States, never recovered when manufacturing-based economies faced harsh upheavals.

“Most upstate companies did not do what Corning did. They didn’t stay up with change,” he said.  

“Corning defied the odds,” by constantly evolving for new growth.

“To do that for decades – that’s the brilliance of what Corning has done, constantly staying one step ahead. And with a sense of ethics; investing in the local community.”

Cuomo said his government is trying to help companies, and the economy, evolve – directly through development initiatives like the one announced at Corning, and indirectly through infrastructure improvements. The goal is to foster new industries and new jobs.

“The old jobs aren’t coming back,” he said. “They probably don’t exist anymore.”

Wendell Weeks, chairman and CEO, thanked the governor for his support and discussed Corning’s plans for regional job growth.

“Valor Glass was invented right here in the Southern Tier. It is only fitting that we locate our first significant manufacturing operation here,” Weeks said.

And Corning’s CEO was excited to share details of that invention.

“We had the pleasure of sharing some of our capabilities here at Sullivan Park with the governor. We also gave him a first-hand look at Valor Glass, our remarkable new pharmaceutical glass packaging solution,” he said.

“Valor Glass dramatically reduces particulate contamination, breaks, and cracks, while significantly increasing throughput. As a result, Valor helps protect patients and improve pharmaceutical manufacturing.”

Looking forward to producing this breakthrough product, Weeks recognized New York State’s contribution and spelled out what the governor’s support is making possible.

“We’re excited that this initiative will support local jobs,” Weeks said. “And we’re grateful to have such a strong and dedicated workforce in this community to help bring our innovations to market, where they can make a real difference in people’s lives.”