Vascade® Optical Fibers

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Vascade® Optical Fibre

Vascade® Optical Fibre

Vascade® Optical Fibre

High-speed, high-capacity solutions for transoceanic and regional submarine networks

Vascade® Optical Fibre

Vascade® Optical Fibre

Vascade® optical fibres provide the performance and reliability required in all undersea networks, up to transoceanic distances, enabling high-speed and high-capacity submarine solutions. Vascade fibres all share the fundamental characteristics of superior mechanical reliability, high optical stability, and matched and managed optical properties. Coloring and splicing occurs in a clean room environment with additional screening to ensure long-term reliability.

Each Vascade fibre type has a unique optical profile to allow customised system solutions such as tailored length, coloring, and splicing options.

Vascade EX3000 fibre is an ultra-low-loss and very large area-effective silica core fibre optimised for high-bit-rate repeatered submarine systems; ITU-T Recommendation G.654.D compliant.

Vascade EX2000 fibre is an ultra-low-loss and large area-effective silica core fibre optimised for repeatered and unrepeatered submarine systems; ITU-T Recommendation G.654.B compliant.

Vascade EX1000 fibre is a silica core fibre optimised for long unrepeatered and repeatered submarine systems that need lower attenuation characteristics compared to single-mode fibres; ITU-T Recommendation G.654.C compliant.

In The News

In The News

Vascade® Fibres Transform World of Undersea Transmission

In its examination of next-generation submarine networks, Submarine Optical Forum discusses the merits of Corning Vascade® EX1000 and EX2000 silica core fibres amid an increasing need for undersea optical fibres that answer the call for very high data rates, ultra-low attenuation rates and large effective areas.

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Vascade® EX2000 Improves Performance, Saves Money in Submarine Networks

Improving performance with cost savings, Corning commercialises its new ultra-low-loss, large-effective-area submarine optical fibre to address the needs of next-generation, high-data-rate submarine networks. Vascade® EX2000 optical fibre enables system designers to extend system reach and reduce the number of costly amplifiers in repeatered submarine networks.

Corning’s Vascade® EX1000 to Connect Islands with Scottish Mainland

Vascade® EX1000 optical fibre has been specified for the submarine cable to be supplied to Faroese Telecom for the SHEFA-2 network. Supplying the cable to connect the Faroe, Shetland and Orkney Islands with mainland Scotland will be NSW GmbH, a Corning Optical Communications company and a provider of repeaterless submarine optical communications.