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Fiber to the Room Technology: Get ready for off-the-chart guest satisfaction

Fiber to the Room Technology: Get ready for off-the-chart guest satisfaction

Can’t keep up with network demands as your guests are connecting with 3-4 devices in one visit? That was the challenge this Courtyard® by Marriott® property owner faced.

By adopting a fiber deep network topology with the ability to converge multiple technologies over a single infrastructure, his property is now future ready for bandwidth demands that are ever increasing. And that is leading to more happy guests and repeat business.

Learn more about Corning Fiber to the Room Technology by watching this video.

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Connecting the hotel of tomorrow

Unlike traditional copper networks, Corning’s “wire-it-once” fiber-based solutions are modular and scalable. You’ll get speed and reliability today and in the future. It’s easy to add applications with little to no new network infrastructure, making rip-and-replace upgrades a thing of the past.

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Corning's Small Cells. Simple Installation. Quick Deployment. Unmatched Capabilities.

The Corning® SpiderCloud® enterprise radio access network (E-RAN), with a broad family of radios, flexible deployment topology, and IP/Ethernet transport, is the key to servicing more locations than ever before. The radio nodes enable unprecedented cellular coverage and capacity through secure IP/IPSec data connections over readily available Ethernet and internet services.

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