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CES 2020

AutoGrade™ Corning Gorilla Glass

AutoGrade™ Corning Gorilla Glass

Corning Gorilla Glass has been designed into more than 7 billion devices, and for good reason. But phones and tablets are only the beginning of what this thin, tough, beautiful glass can do. AutoGrade™ Corning Gorilla Glass is the perfect interface for consoles or dashboards with smartphone-like capabilities – far outperforming plastic and conventional glass when it comes to toughness, touch sensitivity, and readability. With Corning® ColdForm™ Technology, it also curves into large, sleek shapes for an elegant ambience in a car. This highly engineered technical glass is smart and stunning. Gorilla Glass brings style, connectivity, and durability to car interiors.

Tested Tough

Corning knows how to manipulate glass so it’s tough enough for auto interiors – and then we test it to make sure. Lab tests have demonstrated that AutoGrade™ Gorilla Glass has superior durability and damage resistance when compared with incumbent cover materials. When subjected to the auto industry’s Headform-Impact Test, or “HIT,” AutoGrade™ Gorilla Glass is tough enough to survive the impact and pass the test, even if the display underneath breaks.

Easy On The Eyes

Glare, grime, and reflectivity becomes a concern when glass enters your cockpit. Our innovative surface treatments are specifically engineered for auto interiors to ensure a clearer view.

  • Anti-reflective films deliver display readability, even on sunny days, while maintaining uniform color across large displays.
  • Anti-glare treatments help blur reflected ghost images in the glass while simultaneously providing a silky, smooth touch and feel.
  • Easy-to-clean treatment help decrease the visibility of pesky fingerprints and smudges while also making it easy to wipe them away.

Touch Sensitivity

Vehicle controls and displays with AutoGrade™ Gorilla Glass can enable haptic technology, which provides tactile confirmation when you swipe or tap a button. This instant feedback gives you the confidence you made the right selection while you’re on the road.

Design Possibilities

Designers love glass for the way it forms, the way it feels, and the functionality it enables. It’s cool to the touch, smooth, natural, elegant, and even flexible. A cascading, wave-like console or curved dashboard can elevate the style and mood in a car. These dramatic sculptural shapes are possible only because tough AutoGrade™ Gorilla Glass can be manufactured very thin. This enables Corning’s ColdForm™ Technology, a more economical way of shaping glass at room temperature versus the traditional hot-molding method.

The future promises vehicles that are equal parts living space and control cockpit. AutoGrade™ Gorilla Glass is poised to be the material of choice to enable these dynamic trends.

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