Corning Demonstrates Commitment to Leading Safety Standards with High-Performance CPR-Compliant Product Portfolio

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Commitment to Leading Safety Standards with High-Performance CPR-Compliant Product Portfolio

Commitment to Leading Safety Standards with High-Performance CPR-Compliant Product Portfolio

High-Performance CPR-Compliant Product Portfolio

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Corning Demonstrates Commitment to Leading Safety Standards with High-Performance CPR-Compliant Product Portfolio
Corning Demonstrates Commitment to Leading Safety Standards with High-Performance CPR-Compliant Product Portfolio
Corning, NY | Corning Incorporated | July 20, 2017

Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) announced that its product portfolio provides full compliance to the newly applied Construction Products Regulation (CPR) for telecommunication cables intended for permanent installation inside of buildings and construction works. Corning’s FREEDM B2 gel-free cables and enhanced MIC tight-buffered indoor cable family have achieved high-performance B2 and C ratings respectively.

Corning has met the European Union defined uniform classification criteria, which certifies the burn/fire performance of cable throughout Europe. Mandatory 1 July, 2017, products complying with the new requirements need to be  marked with a CE label that indicates the cable is both rated according to the standard EN13501-6 and conforms to the fire safety characteristics.

Corning’s updated product portfolio includes high-performance B2 and C rated products which meet recommendations for buildings with high fire risks, such as hospitals, schools, hotels, high-rise buildings/multidwelling units, government or public buildings and data centres.

“Corning is a committed member of the Europacable Association and has maintained a long-term investment in the development and testing of products,” said Matthias Nitschke, cable product line manager for Corning, and the company’s signatory of the Europacable Industry Charter. “CPR will help ensure the circulation of high-quality and safe products in the European market, and we are dedicated to supporting our customers and ultimately improving people’s safety.”

“With the introduction of FREEDM B2 cables, we are proud to provide a product range that meets the highest standards for safety.”

Key benefits of the new FREEDM B2 cables and C-rated MIC cable family include:

FREEDM B2 Cables

  • Completely gel-free cable construction which supports the burn behavior in the event of fire by creating less hazardous waste and positively influencing the production of smoke and flaming droplets.

  • UV and microbe-resistant LSZH cable jacket with B2 performance, which can be installed in ducts or conduits and requires no re-termination at building entry.

  • Suitable for splicing or direct termination (using fan-out tubing), allowing easy cable preparation for short installation times and more accurate results.

  • Easily identifiable cable printing and CE labelling on the cable jacket to provide full customer transparency in regards to the cable’s CPR-evaluated performance.


MIC® Tight-Buffered Indoor Cables

  • Completely gel-free cable construction.

  • Indoor flame-retardant LSZH/FRNC jacket with C performance, suitable for applications with medium to high fire risk and deployable as riser cabling in addition to the cabling between floors.

  • Tight-buffered 900 µm construction facilitates easy termination for low-fiber-count applications in the local area network and fiber to the office, which eliminates the need for fan-out kits during installation.

  • Easily identifiable cable printing and CE labeling on the cable jacket to provide full customer transparency in regards to the cable’s CPR-evaluated performance.

Additional information on the FREEDM B2 gel-free indoor/outdoor cable family and MIC cable family and a full list of certificates  is available on the Corning website.

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