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Israel Site Leadership

Israel Site Leadership

Nissim Atias
General Manager Corning Israel & Global Technology Director

"Corning is a company with a history of innovation and technological leadership. The company strives for excellence and constant growth while maintaining its values ​​like leadership, integrity, quality and more.

Corning is a global company, operating in a wide range of technologies such as wireless communications, fiber optics, hardware and optical infrastructure for data centers, and telecom operators.

Corning for me is a place where everyone can realize themself while contributing to the society and family."

Gabi Magnezi
Site Leader Corning Israel & Director of HW

"Corning is a company that is aiming to connect people and influence the world to make it a better place to live.

A company that is a market leader and a technology leader in the area it is 'active,' looking for long term success and willing to invest everything needed to achieve that. Corning is a company that develops its people to be the best in the world and develops their careers, so they stay from hire to retire. It’s a place that you can develop your career over the years and explore the different fields of wireless technology, materials, glass, fiberoptic, and more.

Corning is a company that sees the individual and believes that the people are what make it successful."

Galia Dolev
Director of HR Israel & COC Global Technology HR Mananger EMEA

"Working at Corning is the embodiment of everything you can wish for in a career: A rare combination of opportunities to deal with everything related to an employee's life cycle in the organization, a team of colleagues working together as one, and opportunities to interface with excellent people (well, we recruited most of them ourselves).

Our employees provide the HR team with a never-ending challenge to keep them engaged and happy and give them a lot of opportunities to shine.

Corning as a global company is a world of values, rich history, and uncompromising quality of its products and people. It is a home, a place you come to with a smile where everyone is respected and given endless opportunities to create. It is a challenging and dynamic place where every day is different from the next and projects follow one another rapidly. Even so, there is always time to stop and recognize the people behind the action and thank them."

Amir Dorner
Regional Contract Manufacturing Manager, APAC

"Corning is a great place to work. Working in Corning is working in a global environment, learning and using the most advanced management methods in the industry as well as being exposed to multiple cultures and places around the world.

Personally, I’ve been privileged to be part of a global manufacturing integration team following a major acquisition. Managing teams outside Israel and leading integration processes in Japan, India, and China are a tremendous as well as exciting experience.

Career development of the individual is most meaningful among the Corning values."

Asher Tapiero
Director of Finance

"Corning is a leading Company in its industry which is constantly seeking for innovations, all the while investing in human capital, which is one of the Company’s values. A dynamic company where every day you can learn new things."

Our Technology Management Team

Our Technology Management Team

Dror Harel
Director, New Platform Innovation

"Corning is a US based multinational company, specializing in glass science innovation. It is an international technological leader in the fields of communications, fiber optics, displays, and more. Corning, for me, is a place where one’s most innovative ideas can be transformed into life changing solutions that can scale into global products. In Corning’s Israeli site, we leverage individual creativity and team work, bundled with breakthrough technologies to develop generations of top-notch in-building wireless communication systems. These systems connect people and shape the in-building experience for wireless users. It’s a place in which start-up innovation meets corporate strategic thinking to invent and lead the future."

Gila Shmueli
Software Architect

"For me, Corning is like a family, after my own one. I like the type of people in the company and help to verify that also the next recruitments will be compatible to this type. I appreciate the fact that Corning cares about each one of its employees and about work/life balance."

Shlomi Ozalvo
Director, Global Project Management

"Corning is a global company with endless roles and opportunities for personal and career development. Corning enables me to take a global role, lead five global projects team in different countries with a significant impact on the division performance. There are not many Israeli companies that can afford their employees a variety of roles, personal development, and fulfillment."

Ami Hazani
Program Manager, Powering Solutions

"Corning is a company with a history as a technology leader in the field of glass and optical fiber communications. It is impressive to see a beautiful display of the company's history at the Corning Museum, especially as expressed in Edison's bulb with Corning's glass, but also in a variety of other areas such as glass used in space.

Since Edison, Corning's products have expanded into many other areas in which it displays market leadership. All the while maintaining values ​​such as leadership, integrity, quality, and more. Corning is a global company operating in a wide range of technologies such as cellular communications, fiber optics, medical test tubes, hardware, and optical communications infrastructures. Corning for me is a conservative place on the one hand [ensuring the stability of company]. On the other hand, the company invests heavily in research activities that enable people with technological vision to express themselves."

Roni Shurki
Digital Group Manager, FPGA, Verification, Board Design

"Corning fosters innovation. Its history rests on inventions that changed the world. This aspiration for excellence and innovation is the most fertile ground for R&D people."

Daniel Liav
Hardware Group Leader

"Corning Israel is a research and development wireless and electronic solution center. One of the most important values at Corning is innovation. It is inspiring to work for Corning because Corning drives for technical excellence, looks to push the envelope of design and innovate new technology. I think Corning is a great place to work because Corning appreciates and recognizes talented people for creativity and problem solving. I feel lucky to belong to a company that provides opportunities to influence and make a major impact on mass production products.

Corning is a supportive working environment that enables me to grow personally and professionally."

Gabby Mizrahi
System Engineering Manager

"A fertile ground for creativity, curiosity, entrepreneurship and career ambitions. A place where vision and values are a way of life."

Yury Abramov
Applied Research & Development of Innovative Wireless Solutions

"Corning is a technological, intercontinental greenhouse, where I can let imagination lead the implementation of desired solutions; a place where brainstorming and team work, together with innovation and creativity, lead to an unlimited range of solutions. It’s a greenhouse where there is a special place for every single engineer to lead. Corning is a place where the human is in the center and the technology is flowing in an orbit around him towards the future."