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Corning high-quality fetal bovine serum products complement our wide range of sterile, low endotoxin classical cell culture media perfectly. Our sera products are collected and processed in accordance with industry standards and USP methods.

Our premium FBS is collected in approved abattoirs from herds in the United States and regular FBS is collected in approved facilities from herds located in USDA-approved countries. In addition, we also offer Australian source FBS and South American source FBS which are manufactured at facilities approved by the appropriate local authorities.

Sterile Filtered
The raw pooled serum is filtered through a series of 0.1 micron sterilizing grade filters. All Corning serum lots must test negative for mycoplasma following CFR 9CFR113.53 to qualify as product for our customers.

Low Endotoxin Levels (LAL) Limulus Amebocyte Lysate
Each lot is tested for bacterial endotoxin. Our premium and regular grade FBS must meet a specification of < 20.00 EU/mL and our South American grade FBS must meet a specification of < 30 EU/mL.

Low Hemoglobin Levels
A quantitative and colorimetric assay is performed to determine the residual hemoglobin concentration in each product lot. All lots of Corning FBS are verified to contain < 30 mg/dL of hemoglobin.

True Pooled for Consistency
True pool processing provides consistency from bottle to bottle within a lot. All sera are separated from the collected blood by refrigerated centrifugation, true pooled, filtered, and immediately frozen. The filtration process consists of a series of three 0.1 micron sterilizing filters followed by a final “polishing” filter prior to final packaging. Only raw serum that meets our strict specifications for endotoxin, residual hemoglobin, pH, and microbial quality is approved for production. True pooling eliminates variability within a lot.

Certificate of Analysis and Biochemical Profile
Corning sera products are analyzed for quality and performance. Testing includes pH, osmolality, growth promotion, sterility (current USP method), mycoplasma, total protein, endotoxin and hemogloblin levels, and viral contamination. A full biochemical profile is available for each lot upon request.

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