Meet Corning® CleanAdvantage™ Technology

Interested in Clean Connectivity, meet Corning® CleanAdvantage™ technology

Interested in Clean Connectivity, meet Corning® CleanAdvantage™ technology

Corning has created an alternative that will help you with the cleaning in day one, helping to save time in installation and cost in consumables for the first mating connection. In February 2020, Corning introduced its CleanAdvantage technology.

CleanAdvantage technology consists of two parts:

1. Corning’s proprietary technology is implemented at the factory and cleans the entire ferrule, making the connector not only compliant with IEC 61300-3-35, but also giving peace of mind to the installer as no scoping or cleaning in the field is needed before the first mating connection.

2. Noncontact dust caps are engineered to maintain a clean end face until its first mating connection. CleanAdvantage dust caps fight the sources of contamination at the dust cap level:

  • Eliminates the risk of skiving due to the friction between the ceramic ferrule and the plastic dust cap.
  • Uses no off-gas materials, avoiding any volatile particles to condensate and dry on the connector end face.
  • CleanAdvantage dust caps are static-controlled to avoid contaminating particles to get inside of the cap.
  • You can identify our CleanAdvantage solution in EDGE™ and EDGE8® solutions by the white dust cap.

Corning® CleanAdvantage™ helps you to make the field-installation process quicker.

- Reduce installation time up to 17 percent by eliminating initial scoping and cleaning of connectors.

- Decrease consumables cost by 95 percent due to factory cleaning technology.

In addition, CleanAdvantage technology is a standardized offering across EDGE and EDGE8 Solutions without price premiums.

As a leader in optical fibre and connectivity, Corning understands the value of clean connectors to ensure optical performance. So much so that we have developed a new factory cleaning and sealing process, CleanAdvantage technology, to ensure a pristine end face upon first use for all our EDGE and EDGE8 solutions. Thus, saving you as the installer time and money during the initial installation. So, go ahead and uncap that CleanAdvantage connector so that you can connect with confidence.