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Maximizing valuable data center rack space

Maximizing valuable data center rack space

From tenants in colocation data centers that pay by space, to data center operators that are reaching capacity in their own facilities, achieving greater density and preparing for future requirements is increasingly key. Even though today you may not need to implement 400G in your data center increasing density in the main distribution area (MDA) is valuable and future demands from new applications or services may consume the bandwidth available to date.

Introducing the MDC (mini duplex connector), one of the very small form factor connectors (VSFFCs), enables connecting directly from one high-speed transceiver to another or maximizing port density per rack unit in the structured cabling and helps to lower the total cost of ownership.

  • Get up to 432 fibers in a 1U housing with the EDGE MDC
  • Low-insertion-loss performance allows for more mated pairs and/or longer link distances
  • Universal wiring of all link components decrease complexity and risks associated with managing polarity during moves, adds, and changes
  • Reverse polarity MDC-MDC or MDC-LC Uniboot patch cords allow for quick-and-easy polarity management in the field

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