3/26 Webinar: Tips and Techniques for Serum-free Expansion of hMSCs

Life Sciences
3/26 Webinar: Tips and Techniques for Serum-free Expansion of hMSCs
3/26 Webinar: Tips and Techniques for Serum-fre...
2015年3月26日 12点00分
Time: 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.

There is a great interest in application of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) in cell therapy and tissue engineering due to their self-renewal, multi-lineage differentiation, immunomodulation, and trophic potential. One of the challenges faced in the clinical application of hMSCs is the need for efficient expansion of these cells in vitro without altering their capacity. Serum-free mammalian cell culture media, in particular, require optimization of the expansion protocols. Even subtle changes in routine handling can have a significant impact on the cells’ potential. 

This seminar will cover the variables that can influence the desired regenerative and differentiation properties including medium selection, vessel surface treatment, impact of the cell source, and seeding density. We will also discuss how users can select the correct conditions for optimized growth and functionality. 

Brian Posey is a Product Development Manager for cell culture media at Corning Life Sciences. Brian has over 10 years experience in cell biology and industrial scale cGMP manufacturing of both liquid and powder cell culture media. Since joining Corning in 2012, Brian has lead numerous innovative technology projects for the media business ranging from customer technology transfer for production scale-up to developing new serum-free media for industrial and stem cell lines. 

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