Equipment Rental

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Renting fiber optic equipment is an attractive option to installers who require equipment for a particular installation project or a small, one-time job. To aid installation of fiber optic cabling solutions, we rent a variety of Corning Optical Communications equipment, including our state-of-the-art fusion splicers, optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs), attenuation test sets and other equipment.

  • Premium technology
  • Multi-layer support
  • State-of-the-art fusion splicers and OTDRs
  • Calibrated equipment on-time, every time
  • Advantages for renting: cost savings, capital preservation, no depreciation or outdated equipment

Fiber Optic Splice and Test Equipment Available

Fiber Optic Splice and Test Equipment Available

Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDRs)

Corning Optical Communications OV-1000 V2 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) provides testing flexibility by combining a rugged platform with field-interchangeable multimode, single-mode and advanced testing modules. Designed for testing and troubleshooting of LAN, Telco, CATV and FTTx networks, all OTDR modules can be used as continuous wave (CW) light sources. A video inspection probe, power meter and visual fault locator (VFL) are available as options on the mainframe.

1000DM/DS - Single-mode & Multimode
1000DM - Multimode Only (850/1300 nm)
1000SM - Single-mode Only 

OV-1000 V2 OTDR

Field Termination Tool Kits

Corning Tool Kits provide the craftperson with a collection of essential tools needed for all tasks associated with the installation, maintenance and termination of fiber optic cable. The tools used in the kits are thoughtfully assembled and are stored in rugged, compact cases that carry like a briefcase. The cases are engineered to keep the high-quality tools safe, neat and in proper working order.

UniCam® High-Performance Tool Kit(TKT-UNICAM-PFC)
UniCam Connector Installation Tool Kit (TKT-UNICAM)
Anaerobic-Cure Connectors Installation Tool Kit (TKT-ANAEROBIC2)
Anaerobic-Cure Connector Consumables Kit (TKT-ANAEROBIC2-C)

Field Termination Tool Kits

Fusion Splicing

High Percision

  • Experienced User:  
  • New User: 
    • ILID Single-Mode or Multimode
      Windows XP Professional Operating system, Splicer w/Cleaver, Heat-shrink Oven
    • OptiSplice® LID Fusion Splicer - Single-mode or Multimode
      Core Alignment and Core Detection Splicer w/cleaver, Fast Heat-shrink Oven, Windows XP OS




  • Fuseflex

Installation Tool Kits

UniCam® Pretium® Installation Kit 
Corning offers several tool kits for installation of UniCam® Connectors for data centers, fiber-to-the-desk applications and for local area networks, including main cross-connects, telecommunications rooms and enclosures.

UniCam® Connector Tool Kits

CamSplice™ Mechanical Splice Tool Kit
Corning CamSplice™ mechanical splice is recommended for indoor or outdoor through or branch splicing, transition splicing between listed and non -listed cables, pigtail splicing and is ideal for emergency restoration. Incorporating a unique fiber alignment mechanism that self -centers the fibers and provides accurate alignment, the CamSplice mechanical splice requires minimal training and few accessories to assemble. Average “blind” (non -tuned) splice loss is specified at 0.15 dB with a maximum loss less than 0.3 dB.

CamSplice™ Tool Kit

Test Sets

OTS-400 Series Optical Sources, Meters, Testers and Kits with Data Storage Capabilities
The Corning OTS-400 Series of intelligent and versatile optical meters, sources and testers offers simultaneous testing and storage of dual-wavelength attenuation measurements. At the press of a button, dual-wavelength measurements are made and stored for the fiber under test. These sources, meters and testers can be used during installation, system qualification and maintenance. The combination of practical features, simple operation, field performance and rugged design makes them perfect for virtually all fiber optic testing environments.


OTS-600 Series Optical Sources, Meters, Testers and Kits with Data Storage Capabilities
The Corning OTS-600 Series is ideal for optical network certification. The unit is designed for testing and troubleshooting of various telecommunication networks, with ease of use achieved using a large color LCD screen, soft-key menus and a testing wizard. While maintaining all the functionality expected from an optical tester, data entry and navigation have been simplified with a keypad similar to a cell phone. The OT-600 Series models provide source and meter in one unit to improve bi-directional testing productivity, and the auto wavelength switching and detection feature cuts typical testing time in half while reducing the potential for errors. The power meter has a range of +10 to -70 dBm with 40 calibrated wavelengths. An intuitive step-by-step loss testing wizard walks the user through calculating pass/fail criteria, referencing and setting the file name.


Miscellaneous Tools

Splicing & Termination

Access tool - Tools to access fibers in mid-span situations or separation of 12F & 24F Ribbons into smaller Ribbons. Specify OFAT, NOFAT, STOFAT, UAT, RST, or FOTA

Cleaver - High precision cut w/superior reliability in one-steop operation.

  • FBC-005 - Typically used with M40 Splicer
  • FBC-006 - Typically used with XTT Splicer
  • FBC-012 - Cleaves 2-12 fiber ribbons
Fiber Cleavers

Toolkit - cable preparation and fusion splicing. RTOOLKIT

Heat Shrinks

  • 12F Ribbon 40mm
  • Single Fiber 60mm
CamSplices - Sold with CamSplice kit. Rental only. (Packs of 6)

Test Jumper Kits
Corning Test Jumper Kits are designed to simplify link-loss testing by providing the necessary jumpers and adapters needed for the connector under test. Conveniently packaged in a small, rugged, yet light-weight carrying case, these kits are very compact. 

Test jumper kits consist of either two or three specially configured reference jumpers and adapters depending on the connector being tested.

Test Jumper Kits

Troubleshooting Tools 

VFL-350 Visual Fault Locator - A compact pen design fault locator used to check single-mode and multimode optical fiber cables and components for faults or to locate individual fibers in a bundle. By transmitting a bright beam of red light into a fiber, breaks or improper terminations can be seen as a glowing red light. This device fits all 2.5 mm connector ferrules and is ideal for field installation of UniCam® MT-RJ and LC Connectors containing the continuity test set (CTS) feature. There is an optional 1.25 mm adapter for the LC connectors. The VFL-350 operates on two AAA batteries and emits laser light of 635 nm (LASER Class 2 in accordance with IEC 825-2) with an output power less than 1mW. The robust and compact metal housing makes the device suitable for daily on-site use.

VFL-350 Visual Fault Locator

smallTALK® Fiber Communicator
Corning smallTALK® Fiber Communicator provides point-to-point communication for fiber optic systems via connection to dark fiber during installation, testing, maintenance and restoration. 

Operating over a single-mode, this economical communication tool is compact and lightweight (6 oz) and operates on a 9 V alkaline battery with up to 15 hours of operation. The smallTALK Fiber Communicator is easy to use and is available in one option. The smallTALK-SM unit operates over both single-mode and multimode fiber with a 30 dB dynamic range and offers a > 20 mile range for single-mode fiber and > 5 mile range for multimode fiber. The single-mode version operates at 1300 nm. Each unit comes complete with hard-shell waterproof case, operating instructions and two 9 V batteries. Useful during installation, testing, maintenance and restoration, the smallTALK Fiber Communicator makes an ideal addition to any fiber optic tool kit and can be used on virtually every system.

smallTALK® Fiber Communicator

CheckPoint PRO and CheckPoint PRO BIF
Checkpoint PRO and CheckPoint PRO BIF fiber identifiers are lightweight, hand-held, easy-to-use tools to safely and effectively determine the transmission direction, fiber path and relative core power on live bend-insensitive and non-bend-insensitive optical fibers.

CheckPoint PRO