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LEAF® 光纤

LEAF® 光纤

LEAF® 光纤

3 千万公里且还在增加

LEAF® 光纤

LEAF® 光纤

在 1998 年推出之后,我们的 LEAF® 光纤成为了长距离和城域网络的关键解决方 案。在不到二十年的时间内,我们已在全球售出超过 3 千万公里光纤,部署于 100 多个运营商网络中。
使用以光纤为媒介的信息高速公路下载电影等内容仅需几秒钟。作为首款高效传输和低色散光纤,LEAF 提供具有光速的稳定带宽和高数据传输速率。

作为偏振模色散规格的业界领导产品和具有最低衰减率的产品,Leaf 可以帮助 现有网络从 10G 升级到未来的 40G 和 100G 系统。用于传统网络时,LEAF 可以减 少设备,节约成本,最终降低消费者的费用。

LEAF 是一款灵活、优质的光纤,可用于多种网络架构中,能够满 足挑战性环 境中 数十年的使用要求。

在竞相满足全球带宽要求的趋势下,与全球部署最多的非零色散位移光纤相比,LEAF 光纤无疑具有不可比拟的优势。

In The News

In The News

100G Direct Detection Across Record Distance Achieved

In partnership with ADVA Optical Networking, ADVA 100G Metro solution has been used to successfully transport data over 600km of Corning® LEAF® optical fiber. The demonstration represents the first time that direct-detection 100G technology has been used outside of the metro environment and positions it as a genuine 100G solution for regional networks.

Next-Generation Network To Be Deployed in South Africa

FibreCo Telecommunications, a South African open-access network provider, will deploy Corning® optical fiber in its new ultra-high-speed, long-distance fiber optic network in South Africa.

Increased 100G Efficiency for Metro Networks To Be Showcased

ADVA Optical Networking and Corning will demonstrate a 100G solution for the metro environment at the Optical Fiber Communication/National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference in Los Angeles. This demonstration will profile the lowest cost-per-bit 100G transmission available over a distance of 125 km without inline amplification or passive dispersion compensation.

Corning’s LEAF® Optical Fiber Now Available with New Lower-Loss Specification

Corning® LEAF® optical fiber, the world’s first large-effective-area, non-zero dispersion-shifted fiber (NZ-DSF) is now further optimized for long-haul networks by applying Corning’s low-loss technology. Already the lowest-loss NZ-DSF fiber on the market, Corning low-loss technology reduces LEAF fiber’s attenuation specification to 0.19dB/km at 1550nm.