The Guardiant Advantage

What Sets Guardiant Apart?

A comprehensive disinfection strategy should go beyond traditional spray cleaners. Supplemental residucal antimicrobials now provide an added layer of long-term protection against surface contamination to supplement your overall strategy.

Products with Corning Guardiant offer unparalleled advantages including efficacy against a full spectrum of bacteria and viruses, continuous activity, and multi-year protection.

With Guardiant technology, it's easy for paint products to achieve this extra layer of protection anywhere paints and coatings are used.

Breaking Down the Benefits

Guardiant-Powered Paints are Effective Against a Broad Spectrum of Bacteria and Viruses

Different microorganisms have different biological compositions. Because of this, not every antimicrobial ingredient is effective against every virus or bacteria. Some are highly sensitive to simple disinfectants while others are much harder to kill.

The 4 main categories of bacteria and viruses in decreasing order of susceptibility to disinfectants are enveloped viruses, gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, and non-enveloped viruses.

Paint containing Corning Guardiant has been shown to kill >99.9% of viruses and bacteria from each of these categories, including harder-to-kill, non-enveloped viruses and the virus that causes COVID-19.

Guardiant-Powered Paints are Continuously Active

Guardiant utilizes copper to provide residual efficacy to paints and coatings, meaning the coating is always working to reduce the number of bacteria and viruses on the painted surface, long after the initial application of the paint.

The leading household cleaner provides episodic efficacy. This means the active ingredient quickly kills the microbes that were already on the surface, but then stops working. New ones can then re-contaminate the surface.

Products with residual efficacy and episodic efficacy can work together. Paints containing Guardiant provide a supplement to conventional disinfectants as part of a multi-layer protection program against bacteria and viruses, and provide peace of mind in between surface cleanings.

Guardiant-Powered Paints Provide Multi-Year Surface Protection

Paints and coatings powered by Corning Guardiant have been proven to keep killing bacteria and viruses up to 6 years after the initial application of the paint. Imagine enhancing hospitals, classrooms, homes, and offices with a fresh coat of paint and 6 years-worth of confidence that the walls around you are actively killing microbes they contact.