Why Corning

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Why Corning

Why Corning

Why Corning

Diversity is at the heart of our success. Our passion for innovation means we must always be open to new points of view. Here, you’ll find professionals from a wide variety of cultures, backgrounds and experiences. We come together with a global mindset, enabling us to work effectively with people from around the world.

Career Development

We encourage you to grow personally and professionally by exposing you to diverse opportunities across our business backed by structured training and development programs. We provide everything you need to build confidence, experience and your profile in our organization.

Collaborative Culture

Our culture thrives on collaboration. We have a long tradition of teamwork, with seasoned and experienced team members eager to help newer generations of employees as they look for new ways to contribute.

Innovative Spirit

The architects of some truly inspirational advances in the past, our innovative approach continues beyond our products. It flows through an open and honest culture that encourages everyone to share insights and opinions, pushing the boundaries of possibilities. 

Employee Wellbeing 

We go to great efforts to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees, and we constantly monitor the results on a worldwide basis. We have many programs to support employees as they seek to improve their work life balance and maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle.