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Corning Iris® Glass

Corning Iris® Glass

High-transmission light-guide plate enabling
display thicknesses less than five millimeters

A light-guide plate to challenge the industry standard for thin

Pushing the industry standard for thin displays

Large, bright, colorful displays rely on the uniform and pure distribution of light; the trend to thin has become limited by challenges using polymer light-guide plates (LGPs).

An LGP is used in the back-light of edge-lit LCD displays to distribute light evenly throughout the display, a key factor in a crisp, brilliant image.

Polymer LGPs lack the dimensional stability required for ultra-slim displays. When a polymer LGP is subjected to heat and humidity, the material can warp and expand, compromising its opto-mechanical performance. The instability of polymer requires designers to add a wider bezel and thicker backlight with air gaps to compensate for this movement. Replacing polymer with glass solves this problem, but standard glass compositions have not met the optical requirements, until now.

Color purity is another key requirement of an LGP.  A combination of Corning’s proprietary fusion process and Iris® Glass’ composition positions Corning’s light-guide plate offering to achieve color shift performance that matches the best-in-class material. 

Corning Iris® Glass offers outstanding dimensional stability while ensuring superior optical performance that enables manufacturers to offer thinner TVs.


Corning Iris® Glass: Innovative Design, Superior Performance

 Iris® Glass provides leading levels of transmission and color shift, surpassing optical requirements of LCDs. The dimensionally stable and rigid glass allows for ultra-slim and narrow bezel LCD TV designs, enabling the thinnest possible edge-lit LCD.

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