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Harrodsburg Plant Showcases Energy Savings

Harrodsburg Exceeds Goal, Earns EPA Distinction

Harrodsburg exceeds goal, earns EPA distinction

Corning's Glass Technologies plant in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, has responded to a global call-to-action from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and cut its energy intensity. The accomplishment earned Harrodsburg a place as one of eight Corning sites to become a Challenge for Industry Achiever and made it the second-ever site for a Challenge for Industry Showcase, sharing completed projects with plant employees and guests from the community.

The ENERGY STAR® Challenge for Industry set a goal for manufacturing sites to reduce energy intensity, or the amount of energy used to make a product, by 10 percent within five years. A passion for energy savings and a good eye for applicable projects helped Harrodsburg's site energy team surpass that goal within two years. Global Energy Management (GEM) worked with the site’s energy team to report on the site’s success with the challenge.

"Reducing energy use is crucial not only for the Corning Gorilla® Glass® business but also for all of Corning's businesses. Programs such as GEM lead to sustainable energy savings that benefit the environment and our communities, and also lead to cost savings that can be reinvested in R&D," said John Bayne, vice president and general manager, Gorilla Glass.

The plant celebration included a poster session, hosted by the site’s energy team, which highlighted energy-saving projects. The formal program, hosted by Harrodsburg’s plant manager, featured remarks from ENERGY STAR and division leadership, followed by a tour.

ENERGY STAR is now using Corning's Challenge for Industry Showcases as models for what other companies can do to celebrate the achievement.