PureCoat ECM Mimetic

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Support your clinical research with the scientifically defined, natural performance of Corning PureCoat ECM mimetic cultureware.

Enhance cell culture performance with our next-generation family of chemically defined, animal-free PureCoat surfaces. A proprietary thin-film coating technology produces a uniform, functionalized surface that provides a highly controlled environment for cell culture applications, improving the culturing of animal-free, defined cells without compromising performance.

Choice: Create a fully defined cell culture environment—serum-, xeno-, or animal-free.

Support the growth of stem and primary cells across a broad range of defined media formulations with the choice of two ECM mimetic types:

  • PureCoat ECM mimetic fibronectin peptide consists of RGD sequences to support the attachment of cell types that require fibronectic coating, such as alpha-5 integrin-positive cells. This fibronectic peptide is a compatible, animal-free alternative to natural animal or human ECM surfaces, such as natural human fibronectin for hMSC expansion and differentiation.
  • PureCoat ECM mimetic collagen I peptide supports the attachment of collagen I-dependent cell types, including alpha 2 integrin-positive cells, among others. It provides a compatible, animal-free alternative to natural animal or human ECM surfaces, such as natural human collagen I for human keratinocytes expansion.
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• Animal component-free, synthetic peptide coating covalently attached to cultureware
• Manufactured in compliance with cGMP and certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
• Compatible with a wide range of serum-free, xeno-free, and animal-free media formulations
• Sterile, SAL10-3, and nonpyrogenic
• Non-cytotoxic
• Quality control tested using an appropriate cell attachment assay
• Room temperature stable 18 months from date of manufacture
• Raw materials tested and meets USP Class VI requirements
• Compatible with a broad range of cell dissociation reagents
• Lot traceable; certificate of compliance available upon request

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  • Enables a fully defined cell culture environment, allowing researchers to tightly and reproducibly control the cell culture environment for predictable cell expansion and differentiation outcomes
  • Pre-coated and ready to use at room temperature, streamlining experimental workflows, which can minimize the risk of experimental failure due to inconsistent ECM self-coating, as well as the risk of pre-coated biological performance failure due to incorrect storage
  • Consistency built on cGMP-compliant manufacturing and animal-free traceability, mitigating variability and risk of contamination from adventitious organisms common to animal-sourced material
  • Simplifies supply chain requirements by removing the need for costly cold chain transport and storage
  • Scalable formats to meet a wide range of cell expansion needs to suit any stage of research
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Try PureCoat at No Cost

Try PureCoat at No Cost

Enhance your defined, animal-free cell environments

Request a PureCoat ECM evaluation and receive a free sample.

Give PureCoat ECM mimetic cultureware—a next-generation family of chemically defined, animal-free surfaces from Corning—a try. Request a complimentary sample. 

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Webinar: PureCoat ECM Mimetic Cultureware

Webinar: PureCoat ECM Mimetic Cultureware

Join Dr. Deepa Saxena, Senior Development Scientist, as she presents this informative webinar.

Defined, Animal-free Synthetic Surfaces for Culture of Cell Types Relevant in Clinical Research.

Growing concerns about introducing human- and animal-derived pathogens into cell culture necessitate the need for animal-free cell culture environments. Learn how PureCoat ECM mimetic cultureware presents a defined, synthetic surface for cell culture without compromising performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about PureCoat? Take a look at these answers to frequently asked questions.

PureCoat ECM Mimetic Cultureware: Frequently Asked Questions

From manufacturing details to shelf life and storage requirements, get answers to common questions about PureCoat surface coatings.

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PureCoat Cultureware Brochure

PureCoat Cultureware Brochure

Enable a fully defined cell culture environment with the scientifically defined

PureCoat ECM Mimetic Cultureware: The First Animal-free Synthetic Surface to Mimic Natural ECM

From product details and cell line compatibility to application guidance, learn more about how you can promote optimal cell binding and signaling in a broad range of serum-free, xeno-free, and animal-free media formulations.

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