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Get Easy Cost-effective Access

• Too many projects, not enough staffing resources?
• Fast turnaround requirements on a limited budget?
• Looking to eliminate detection issues typically associated with the use of labels?
• Interested in access to new biochemical and pharmacological information for drug discovery?

Turn to Corning for cost-effective label-free detection services. From proof of concept through full assay development and beyond, our label-free detection applications experts will work closely with you to put the full power of the Epic system behind your cell- and biochemical-based assays. This innovative technology eliminates detection issues typically associated with the use of labels, such as background fluorescent interference. Corning Epic Discovery Services include:

• Proof of concept
• Full assay development and screening-ready protocols available for existing customers
• Screening and hit confirmation—any number of compounds
• Pathway deconvolution and toxin studies as applicable
• Full data interpretation

Partner with the leader in label-free technology to leverage Corning systems and pathway biology capabilities in your drug discovery process.

To better understand the cellular activities of lead compounds, take advantage of Corning Epic Pharmacology services. Our experts utilize Epic technology to reveal hidden compound activities and novel interactions, unforeseen pathway interactions, and off-target effects, providing more biologically relevant data to enhance decision making in compound prioritization . Label-free cellular profiling can be fully integrated with high throughput label-free detection to support your comprehensive drug discovery needs.

The Technology

The Technology

Unique Cell Profiling Matrixes

Unique Cell Profiling Matrixes


Label-Free Detection in Action

Featured Resources

Videos, Posters, and More

Videos, Posters, and More

Frequently Asked Questions: Epic Technology

What can be measured in a cell-based assay? Does the Epic signal depend upon the expression level of the receptor? How much protein is required for protein immobilization? Dozens of frequently asked questions are answered, helping you better understand the applications for, and advantages of, Epic technology.

Enabling Cellular Pathway Profiling in Drug Discovery

This brochure provides in-depth information on our customized profiling solutions, which enable you to leverage our systems and pathway biology capabilities in your drug discovery process. Specific expertise across an extensive matrix of pathways is presented.

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Development of a Fragment Screen with the Corning Epic System Using Both a Direct Binding and Competitive Approach

This poster showcases the development of a novel biochemical assay to screen a fragment library of approximately 5,000 compounds for binding to a 20[D1]  kDa target protein.

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Applications of the Corning Epic System for Label-free Antibody and Antigen Detection

This study highlights the applications of the Epic technology for the detection of antibody-antigen and antibody-antibody binding assays in complex biological samples. Two model detection systems are discussed: streptavidin and antibody interaction, and F(ab')2 and antibody interaction.

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