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Welcome to Corning Research

I am glad to share this year’s edition of Corning Research, a compilation of technical papers published externally by our research, development and engineering professionals during 2013.

As a world leader in specialty glass and ceramics, we create and make keystone components that enable high-technology systems for consumer electronics, mobile emissions control, telecommunications, life sciences, and optics.
The 2013 Corning Research papers convey the level of competencies and experience present in our technology community and represent a small percentage of the scientific endeavor that we are conducting to support the development of next-generation products and technologies.

We have succeeded as a company for more than 160 years through our sustained investment in R&D, our superior materials science, optical physics and process engineering expertise and a distinct collaborative culture—between our employees and with customers and partners. It is what will continue to sustain our continued growth and success.

I trust that you will find the papers insightful and informative and that they serve as a catalyst for
your future interactions and collaborations with Corning.

Dr. David L. Morse 
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

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