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Research & Development

Research and development has been the hallmark of Corning’s success for more than 160 years. Our unique collaborative culture and depth of knowledge of materials science and process engineering drive us to continue creating new technologies for the future.

We thrive by working with our customers to understand their problems and explore solutions. We solve the tough problems most companies won’t or can’t solve. And our goal is to keep on doing just that – solving tough problems that result in world-changing innovations.

World-Changing Innovations

Scientists of the Century

 Edison Light Bulb–1879
 Television Tube–1939
 Glass-Ceramic / Pyroceram®–1952
 Low-Loss Optical Fiber–1970
 Ceramic Substrates–1972
 LCD Glass–1985
 Corning® ClearCurve®–2007
 Corning® Gorilla® Glass–2007

 Dr. William Armistead
 Dr. J. Franklin Hyde
 Dr. Donald B. Keck
 Dr. Stanley Donald Stookey
 Dr. Eugene Sullivan