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Long-haul and Submarine

The Super Connected World: Optical Fiber Advances and Next Gen Backbone, Mobile Backhaul, and Access Networks 
As the ways we communicate and are connected with one another continue to evolve at pace, we are all becoming used to living in a super-connected world. This article explores the latest innovations in optical fiber technology that provide the telecommunications  industry with high-capacity, technology-robust and low-latency solutions for backbone, metro and access networks, while also reducing costs to ensure carrier profitability.

Low Signal Latency in Optical Fiber Networks
Abstract: Because of the proliferation of such applications as high frequency trading, customers are demanding optical communications services with low signal latency. Therefore it is critical to consider all means of reducing latency when designing an optical communication network.

Advanced Fibers for Submarine and Long-Haul Applications 
Abstract: In this paper, we discuss the development of advanced fibers for submarine and terrestrial long-haul applications and current trends in transmission technologies that will influence next generation fibers.

Nortel Long-Haul Transmission Gear and Corning® Ultra-Low-Loss Fiber Enable Longer Span and Longer Reach Network Designs  
Abstract: This white paper details how the combination of Corning® SMF-28® ULL fiber, Nortel eDCO and CPL provides network design a smart off-shelf toolkit to achieve longer spans in greenfield networks and reduces the cost associated with land acquisition, hut construction and maintenance of the amplifier huts.

The Impact of Fiber Effective Area on Systems using Raman Amplification 
Abstract: Large effective area fibers are beneficial in reducing the effects of fiber non-linearities when signal power is high. Conversely, when Raman pumping is used, small effective area fibers increase the Raman efficiency and therefore give high gains for a set of pump power.