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Corning® ClearCurve® VSDN® optical fiber

COF_endcap_VSDNCorning® ClearCurve® VSDN® optical fiber is uniquely designed to support emerging high speed interconnects between computers and other consumer electronics devices. In this application space, ClearCurve VSDN fiber’s optimized design addresses the challenges associated with optical fiber in the consumer environment.

ClearCurve VSDN optical fiber provides high bend performance, exhibiting both ultra-low bending loss and superior mechanical reliability to survive the “cable pinch-test”.  An 80 μm core size and high numerical aperture (0.29) enables inexpensive connectivity solutions by allowing relaxed alignment tolerances.  In addition, ClearCurve VSDN fiber maintains high bandwidth at large alignment tolerances (DMD verified at 850 nm) and is capable of exceeding the bandwidth needs of consumer applications above 10 Gb/s over 10s of meters.

ClearCurve VSDN optical fiber product information sheet:

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