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Corning® SMF-28® Ultra optical fiber

Endcap-ultra_sm.jpgThanks to Corning’s latest innovation, our new SMF-28® Ultra optical fiber is the first in the market to combine the benefit of industry-leading attenuation and improved macrobend performance in one fiber. This premium single-mode fiber is designed for long-haul, metro, access, and fiber to the home (FTTH) applications, along with being fully backward compatible with the installed base of legacy single-mode fibers.
SMF-28 Ultra fiber is ITU-T Recommendation G.652.D compliant and also exceeds the requirements of the  ITU-T Recommendation G.657.A1 standard.  SMF-28 Ultra fiber has a 9.2 µm mode field diameter (MFD) which is equivalent to the majority of standard single-mode fibers on the market today and it splices the same as the installed base of Corning® SMF-28e® and SMF-28e+® optical fibers.
The improved attenuation of SMF-28 Ultra fiber provides additional margin is able to be used to extend spans, lengthen the distance between regenerators, increase the allowable number of cable-cuts and allow for broader use of pre-connectorized solutions. The improved bend performance provides greater margins for bends that regularly occur in the field during installation and maintenance, and allows for the design and deployment of smaller and lighter cables. This bend performance is able to improve duct utilization, enable smaller enclosures, and reduce pole/tower loading in aerial deployments. Corning is pleased to offer customers the best of both worlds in one fiber. Ultra has arrived!
SMF-28 Ultra optical fiber product information sheet

SMF-28 Ultra optical fiber product brochure

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