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Corning® SMF-28® ULL optical fiber

SMF-28 ULL endcap

Corning SMF-28® ULL fiber has the lowest loss of any terrestrial grade single-mode fiber with a maximum attenuation of 0.17 dB/km at 1550 nm.  SMF-28 ULL fiber has been deployed around the world in some of the most challenging network applications, where ultra-low attenuation can be leveraged to extend network span lengths, skip amplification sites, upgrade to faster bit rates, add network components for improved flexibility, and lengthen the distance between regenerators. As a result, long-haul and regional networks are scalable for the higher capacities required to meet the ever-increasing global demand for bandwidth without the need to sacrifice backwards compatibility with an existing ITU-T Recommendation G.652 installed base of fibers.

SMF-28 ULL optical fiber product information sheet
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Visit our Customer Support Web page to learn how to place an order for SMF-28 ULL fiber.  More 

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