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UL® Verifies Corning® ClearCurve® Multimode OM3 and OM4 Fibers Meet or Exceed Bandwidth Standards

Evaluation Conducted at Corning’s Center for Fiber Optic Testing

CORNING, N.Y., June 13, 2011 – Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) announced today that Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® (UL®) has verified that Corning® ClearCurve® OM3 and OM4 optical fibers meet or exceed the following standards for bandwidth measurements:

  • TIA-455-220-A – Differential Mode Delay Measurement of Multimode Fiber in the Time Domain
  • IEC 60793-1-49 – Optical Fibers Part 1-49; Measurement Methods and Test Procedures Differential Mode Delay

UL recently conducted tests on-site at Corning’s Center for Fiber Optic Testing (CFT) using Corning’s Differential Mode Delay (DMD) and associated Minimum Calculated Effective Modal Bandwidth (minEMBc) measurements.  “Corning was the original architect of the DMD and the minEMBc measurement methods. We use minEMBc to conduct bandwidth testing on all of our 50µm multimode fibers because we believe it is the most precise, accurate, and robust bandwidth measurement technique for multimode fiber,” said Jeff Englebert, manager of CFT and Product Engineering.

A critical advantage of the minEMBc method is that it takes into account a wide variety of fiber-transceiver combinations. This provides a more accurate evaluation of system bandwidth which is a function of both fiber and transceiver performance. DMD-mask, on the other hand, only measures fiber performance. Corning’s minEMBc measurement benches use very precise Ti-Sapphire laser-source technology that results in a highly accurate, repeatable high-resolution DMD (HRDMD) measurement. 

With more than 30 years of optical fiber testing experience, CFT is a state-of-the-art optical fiber testing facility that tests Corning’s innovative optical fiber products for compliance with the requirements issued by industry standards organizations like those published by UL. In addition, CFT continuously looks for ways to improve on industry standard measurements ultimately for the benefit of end users who rely upon optical fiber in their communications systems.

ClearCurve OM3 and OM4 fibers are fully compliant to existing standards for 50 µm multimode fiber. They are fully backwards compatible to the installed base and offer up to 10 times better bend performance when compared with standard multimode fibers. They allow more margin for better system performance and also enable smaller cable, hardware, and equipment designs. ClearCurve multimode fiber is Corning’s standard 50 µm product offering.
Additional information on Corning ClearCurve multimode optical fiber is available at www.corning.com/clearcurve.

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