Discovery and Invention
Forty Years of Fiber
Future of Fiber

Future of Fiber

As an innovation that transformed the landscape of global communications, optical fiber has a future as bright as the waves of light it beams throughout the world. Due to its compatibility with other technologies, growing cost-effectiveness, and nearly unlimited bandwidth, optical fiber has the capacity to grow and adapt to future consumer demands for voice, data, and video capability.

Corning led and will continue to lead the development and delivery of the latest generation of optical fiber. Through ongoing product and process innovation, Corning continues to make fiber practical for new applications and possible for burgeoning markets. As telecommunications networks expand and evolve, Corning optical fiber will continue to lead the way forward in connecting each and every one of us, one strand at a time.


Connection Revolution

If we had to use one word to describe today’s generation, that word would be “connected.” Currently more than 2 billion kilometers of optical fiber is deployed around the world, connecting people, businesses, communities, countries, and continents.

Drivers of Bandwidth

In the last 10 years, the application and use of broadband technology enabled by optical fiber has exploded, driven by the push-pull effect of national communications priorities and ever growing consumer demand. This demand for a faster, more-affordable delivery system of communications with universal access is a principal driver of the need for increased bandwidth.