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Basic Applications


When our lights go out, we return to more primitive sources of illumination such as candles to find our way through the darkness. But with fiber optics, the revolutionary communications technology of light and glass, there is no going back. Like the electricity we assume will always be there, we now take for granted the optical fiber that seamlessly connects us to people and information anywhere, anytime, through almost any device of our choosing.

Today, we are a world dependent upon a communications system that moves literally at the speed of light to deliver services in a variety of applications. For more than 40 years, Corning has led the industry in developing innovative products to enable all of these applications and more.


Enterprise and Private Networks

Exponential growth in data traffic is driving an ever-increasing demand for more bandwidth in enterprise and business networks around the world. The need for faster transmission speed is growing as well, with the trend moving to 40G networks today and to 100G networks on the horizon.

FTTH and Access Networks


Long-haul Networks

Long-haul, terrestrial optical fiber networks connect countries and cities throughout the world. Today, these networks typically range from a few dozen to a few thousand kilometers, and have largely migrated to 10 Gb/s-based dense wavelength division multiplexed (DWDM) systems with 32 channels or more.

Submarine Networks

Given the harsh undersea environment, submarine telecommunications systems demand the most advanced optical technologies. Corning® Vascade® optical fibers are up to the challenge. Corning's family of Vascade fibers enable high-speed, high-capacity solutions, providing the performance and reliability required in all undersea networks up to  transoceanic distances .