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Corning's innovations in fiber optics have helped make possible the high-speed communication technology that links neighborhoods, connects cities, and bridges continents. As the global market leader, Corning continually sets the industry standard for unsurpassed product quality and customer support. Our competitive advantage is rooted in our heritage in optical fiber development, our innovative technology and manufacturing processes, our high-performance products, our world-class R&D and measurement facilities, and the technical support provided to our customers. You can always expect the best from Corning.


Our Heritage
Today, we take for granted our "connectivity" – that is, our ability to seamlessly connect to the world and access information on virtually any subject, at any time, nearly any place. But in 1970, when Corning Incorporated scientists invented the first low-loss optical fiber, they could not have foreseen how dramatically it would revolutionize the telecommunications industry.

Our Values
Throughout our history, we've been guided by an enduring set of Values that define our relationships with employees, customers, and the communities in which we operate around the world.

Our Locations
At Corning, we are proud of our best-in-class optical fiber manufacturing facilities serving customers around the world.