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Finished Molds

Finished Molds

Finished molds

Molds are a decisive element in modern-day plastic lens production. They determine the quality of the lens as it emerges from the casting process.

Corning understands that total quality is of vital economic importance to its customers. Our global expertise, acquired over decades of optical experience, has enabled us to develop high-performance finished glass molds that will give lens manufacturers a competitive advantage.

Corning progressive and aspherical glass molds

  • Tailor-made
    Some lens manufacturers bring Corning to play as a toll-manufacturer. In this case, we work under the highest level of secrecy agreement (specific process/non-disclosure procedures) to produce your finished molds with your own progressive or aspherical design and specifications.
  • Independent design
    Other Corning customers prefer to use an independent design, which Corning has commissioned and uses under an exclusive license agreement.  The progressive design we propose features the characteristics of the most recent trends; it is available in 4 different corridor lengths (10.5, 12, 13.5 and 14.5mm) and 6 different indices

    (1.498, 1.56, 1.59, 1.6, 1.67 and 1.74) resulting in 24 different available versions. With a very wide far vision area (>150°) and a wide and soft corridor from far to near vision, Corning's design is a very powerful tool to make you different in the market.

->Click here for more details about the Corning progressive design


Free Form technology
All of our finished glass molds are produced with the Free Form technology, which not only brings outstanding accuracy to the manufactured products, but also reduces standard deviation in repeatability to an impressively low level.

Corning provides the market with high-performance molds, both in terms of geometry and cosmetics, performing consistently casting after casting.

Today, with the mastering of material and Free-Form, Corning fully controls the production process from raw material (see our Glass for molds page) to the finished progressive mold. It is your guarantee for success.